Fujara Workshop 

DATE: Sunday 24th April 2016
TIMING: from 10 to 13 and from 15 to 18
-Luogo / Place:c/o Ass. “Arti e Tradizioni”
località Montebruno, 2 – Garzigliana – TO
Contribution: 90€

Fujara, the Slovakian shepherd’;s flute, is a typical overtone flute. From the fundamental key note, a cascading cluster of sounds can be produced by simply overblowing. This leads us directly and without great skill into the magical, delicate world of harmonics. The sound of fujara is soft and velvety, but can also be shrill and even whipping if wanted. In this workshop we will deal with the necessary background information about the construction, it’s origin and the country where it reached it’s peak, Slovakia today. We are approaching the fujara playfully and easy,  to connect with the possibilities of the instrument. We also will deal with rhythm and circular breathing technique. It is not necessary to have your own instrument. I will bring along several fujaras and also some of a simplier overtone flute, the Koncovka, Tilinko (Romania), or Seljefloit (Norway). I will go with you, to find your own way of expression on this strange, yet majestic flute.



Gérard Widmer / Fujara (*1955) Gerard trained in modern dance, pantomime, music and figurative art, and worked as a freelance performer from 1977-1999. He has been a member of several theatrical groups (puppet and children theatre, circus, performances), and has participated in art exhibitions by showing objects, graphics and rear-glass-painting. In 1980, he encountered the fujara (giant recorder flute from Slovakia), and studied its origin and how it is made.  He was the first to experiment playing the fujara out of traditional contexts. He makes sound performances in combination with painting, movement, lyric and video. In 1989, he co-founded the duo NATURTON with Willi Grimm, who plays the Australian didjeridu. As a solo performer, Gérard plays other flutes, guitar, and the kalimba, and is also a keen entertainer. He has issued four CD's with NATURTON. His solo CD is “Fujara”. In a well known seminar and cultural castle, Gérard was co-leader and in charge of the artistic programs.

Web: http://www.naturton.ch/aboutus/gerardwidmer/

One thought on “Fujara Workshop 

  1. Ciao Andrea, intanto grazie per organizzare workshops così interessanti !
    Vorrei tanto partecipare almeno a quello che riguarda Fujara ma non sono certo al 100% di farcela perché risiedo all’estero e il mio biglietto di ritorno è per il 2 maggio.
    Al momento però, una serie di contrattempi e problemi di salute in famiglia potrebbero farmi anticipare il rientro di qualche settimana.
    È possibile assicurarmi comunque un posto ? Se si, a quali condizioni ?
    Grazie per l’attenzione.
    Aspettando un tuo cenno di riscontro ti saluto cordialmente.

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